Mystical Island of Ireland

from StoryTravelers

“An unforgettable road trip of 8 days. We traveled around visiting the 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the Island of Ireland:

1/ Newgrange; a unique ancient tomb, built by a sophisticated civilization, older than the pyramids;
2/ Giants’ Causeway spectacular rock formations that were created when once tons of lava hit the sea, and we discovered the myth of the battling Giants still lives on;
3/ Skellig islands. Last but not least the mystical island of Skellig Michael, where monks in medieval times thought to build a monastery close to the end of the world, an extremely unique, almost non terrestrial site, now used as an outer world decor for the new Star Wars.”


Sony α7s (cine 2, pro)
Various Canon and Sigma lenses
Gimbal: Helix jr


Ryan Taubert - Revival

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