Namasté dear travellers!

This week we have collected videos for you about India, which will awake all your senses. This country has as many vibrant shades as it does many approaches to travel videos that were born by creatives roaming the incredible India.  

Holy Cow!

Life is not always a comfortable proposition. Backpacking in a bustling India with it’s high population density can bring you into the inevitable chain of unexpected. The ambivalence of the poverty and the holy ceremonies in every corner, struggling with bureaucracy, the endless honking on the streets will definitely put you to the test and teach some patience.


Shanti, shanti, shanti…

But there is so much magic that can compensate this frustration. Find the quiet amidst the chaos. That is in the majesty of the Himalayas, in the welcoming smile of the locals, in the smoke of the incense, tastes of the curry or in the vibrant colors.

Let these tremendous videos on wandesrlust.video bring you on an invigorating ride across India, showing it’s crazy beauty.

Gateway to the Ganges

This video doesn’t aim to amaze you. It is showing simple everyday life moments from the calmness in the morning, through the buzzling streets and devoted eyes, unparalleled candid moments underlined with the sounds of the country.

Watch Brandon Li documenting his experience at the foothills of the Himalayas.

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A day in India

A true culinary musical where the scenes zig-zagging between the city and country and the daily routines of the locals provide only context to the true star of this magical show you call India: FOOD. Enjoy the spicy solos of the local celebrities from sunrise till sunset on and off the streets and marketplaces (reaching their climax at lunchtime).

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Indian point of view

Come along on a stroll through South India with Stanislas Giroux: enjoy the sun that will accompany you as you wander through the buzzing streets and meet the curios school boys and the welcoming locals; discover the temples and parks while soaking up the amazing colors of the marketplace; sneak a peek behind the a show and let the night carry you away. All this from the videomakers point of view.

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By the sounds of it there was music, at first. Then match-cut magician David Aufdembrinke thought he will bring the visuals. And boy, did he bring it! Some serious editing and a clever colour grading VHS trick later a four minute long time-travelling machine is ready to take you across India, 80’s style. Oh yeah!

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GO India

A visual fairy tail alongside the adventure of a little girl, a humanness that is full of curiosity and empathy. Wonderful portraits telling thousand of Indian stories. Joshua Morin showing the beauty of the country, encouraging you to put on your backpack. Go, and experience the living history in every corner, in every sparkling eye.

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India is…true love

“A journey searching for words that can paint the Indian soul, told by those who adopted this land as part of their own.”

Nuno Beira could not have found more fitting words to describe his video. An honest interview montage compiling the feelings and thoughts of locals and fellow travellers about this mind-blowing land of wonders that is home to thousands of gods and goddesses.

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