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“Additional story log – Most of these shots were filmed far away from other tourists or residents. On occasions where I thought I might be disturbing someone else, I asked if they minded if I flew for some photos or video from above. For the shots of the lighthouse we drove a few hours along the coastline until we saw it peak over the horizon. We drove up to it and, in the wind, started to get our camera gear. As I reached my desired flying altitude of the Phantom 3, another car drove up. Kim didn’t want me to be distracted while flying so she started talking to the new arrivals. I held the Phantom 3 in a safe hover until we knew what they wanted to say. Kim had been talking to the driver of the vehicle, an older lady, who was with a man her age in the passenger seat. Kim yelled to me “hey come show them some aerial shots of their lighthouse!” As it turns out, this couple owns the lighthouse and it had been in their family for many generations! I immediately turned my remote controller around so they could see the live aerial view of their lighthouse on the iPad Air. They were ecstatic to see the beautiful views of the coastline and the land around the structure. They asked to see a couple different angles and I snapped some stills for them. We exchanged emails with a promise to send them the photos. Before they left I asked permission to continue flying around their property and they gave their approval.
Traveling can create great moments like these. Technology can also open up barriers once people understand it. If you’d like to learn to fly an aerial camera, please fly safe and respect others.”


DJI Phantom 3 Professional


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